Bankruptcy Polystyrene Loop B.V.

Terneuzen (NL), March 8th 2022

Unfortunately, Polystyrene Loop B.V. fell into bankruptcy on March 8th, 2022. The Polystyrene Loop initiative is a combined EPS and Brominated Flame retardant industry effort to build and operate a novel demonstration plant aiming to recycle deconstruction EPS waste with destruction of the flame retardant HBCD, and subsequent recovery of the valuable polystyrene and bromine. <Click title to continue reading>

Implementation of the scale up of the new innovative technology from pilot scale was expected to be challenging, and attempted startup was delayed by a number of unexpected issues. The unprecedented events of the last 2 years, with Covid related problems and soaring energy prices, also contributed to severely impact liquidity. Prolonged attempts by management and the supervisory board to restructure finances unfortunately proved unsuccessful.

There is still likely to be a need in future for such a dissolution purification recycling process, and it is to be hoped that another party, or parties, pick up the mantel and work further to prove the technical and commercial viability of such technologies in the near future.